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What does a project run by Destini look like?

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What happens after delivery of our products?

We offer assembly and the bringing in of products at the target site, regardless of whether our products or products identical to ours are supplied. We have several assembly teams working in our company at all times, so that we can handle several projects simultaneously. When assembly involves furniture supplied by us, it is important to establish how many people the customer needs and for how long. If other products are involved, it is necessary to discuss in advance the responsibilities of our assemblers and the tools they will need.

Call the number: +48 61 656 14 15

or email us at: biuro@destini.pl

What does the communication process with the customer look like?

Do we offer delivery of our furniture?

Our upholstered furniture and hardwood furniture

Our products are created through the use of advanced machinery such as CNC, veneering machine, HPL press, as well as the manual work of skilled workers. Chairs, armchairs, sofas, pouffes and other upholstered furniture are usually created according to a top-down design, and thanks to the use of production in digital technologies, they maintain the required quality and repeatability.

Hard furniture such as wardrobes, bedside tables, chests of drawers, tables and benches are usually created after the dimensions and specifications for a particular project have been established. We are able to create a new product for a given client that is repeatable and quality appropriate for multiple projects, as well as being able to prepare a product for furnishing one specific facility.

We deliver all orders to the customer, also offering an installation service at the destination facility. We have our own fleet of trucks with semi-trailers fitted with double floors, making more efficient use of loading space. Each of our vehicles is also equipped with a forklift truck to unload heavier goods. In addition, we work with transport companies so that we can always ensure that the customer's order is transported to its destination.

We communicate with our partners in Polish, English, German and French. It is important to us that effective communication facilitates our customers' work. We always strive to learn as much as possible about our customers' needs in order to tailor products and services to their requirements. By carefully preparing each order, we manage to avoid many misunderstandings after the furniture has been delivered.

In most cases, we produce furniture based on technical drawings provided or approved by our customers. When it comes to furnishing a building with hardwood furniture, it is often also necessary to take measurements at the facility. We create upholstered furniture in fabrics chosen by our partners, and when there is a demand for larger quantities, we are able to put into production a product designed by or for the customer.

Our offer is mainly aimed at institutions, but we are not closed to cooperation with individual customers either. Ultimately, our products are designed for facilities such as restaurants, hotels, nursing homes, student residences, cafés and private flats. We often work with intermediaries abroad who regularly co-ordinate the furnishing of a number of facilities within a given country. This long-term relationship gives us the opportunity to tailor our capabilities more closely to our clients' needs. As a result, we have been successfully operating in Germany and several other European markets for years. In Poland, our range is extended to include the wissner-bosserhoff range, of which we are the exclusive representative on our home market. For more information, please visit www.destinicare.pl.

To whom do we address our offer?

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Furnishing larger facilities can be complicated for investors, due to the large number of topics needed to be coordinated. Working with Destini makes it possible to delegate many parts of a facility's equipment to one contractor. This makes the process of establishing requirements, quoting and all paperwork simpler and more flexible. Our offer includes not only products such as upholstered furniture or board furniture, but also services such as transport, lifting and assembly of furniture in the facility. We specialise in furnishing large facilities (50+ rooms) , but we are not closed to cooperation in furnishing smaller buildings.

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