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When ordering Destini designer furniture, we cannot forget the last element that the customer sees when receiving the goods. The NEGOTI sets fit perfectly into the characteristics of DESTINI products with their above-average appearance. The graphite-coloured tractors and trailers combined with the red forklift will remain in the customer's memory for a long time. We believe that the customer is satisfied with the DESTINI products and that the entire package is completed by a freight service. 


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Tel. : +48 61 656 14 15

DESTINI GROUP Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
ul. Obornicka 52, Złotniki
62-002 Suchy Las

NIP PL972 125 88 45
REGON 362960975

Why choose NEGOTI transport?

Wyposażenie samochodów Negoti

The team of logisticians and professional drivers that NEGOTI boasts confronts the challenges of the world of freight transport on a daily basis. The driver, as the last link in the goods supply chain, is of considerable importance. Their appearance influences the customer's perception, and their skills behind the wheel enable them to reach even the most demanding destinations. State-of-the-art equipment such as Mercedes tractor units with the latest electronic systems support both the driver and the entire logistics team. Specialised floors with a double loading system allow the stacking of goods, which improves the volume filling of the semi-trailers. A forklift truck completes the package, allowing the goods to be unloaded at the customer's site quickly and without problems. This is particularly useful on construction sites or for individual customers who do not have the tools to assist with unloading on a daily basis.

Transport and unloading of ordered products

Flota Negoti

Adequate logistics is one of the aspects that influence customer satisfaction and whether they will return with their next order. Damage to goods most often occurs during loading and unloading. The right equipment and people reduce the risk of damage, which translates into customer satisfaction and potential delays.

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