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Hard furniture often needs to be assembled at the destination. This is related firstly to the preparation of the cabinets for transport and secondly to the correct positioning of the furniture in the room. Plinths need to be installed in the cabinets, all furniture needs to be levelled, hanging furniture needs to be hung, etc. In addition, the furniture needs to be unpacked from the vehicle when it arrives at its destination and distributed around the relevant rooms. All of this can be troublesome for the customer, which is why we also offer an assembly service - for our furniture as well as for any other. We have several assembly teams who regularly help our customers to make their furniture fit for use.

Transporting orders can be a problem for longer distance deliveries. Destini can easily send its products throughout the European Union and to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the UK or Norway. 

We have our own fleet of lorries, which gives us greater influence over all delivery details. In addition, we cooperate with transport companies so that we can send multiple orders at the same time.

We also send our goods to Australia and Canada.

Our permanent offer includes upholstered furniture such as chairs, armchairs and sofas. For larger orders, we are able to introduce a new product according to the customer's needs. We use high quality fabrics and frames. As a result, our furniture is not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, it is also robust and durable.

Hardwood furniture is most often made to a size specified by the customer. They are very often used when furnishing facilities such as hotels, dormitories, nursing homes, restaurants, etc.







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We are a Polish furniture manufacturer. We have been creating continuously since 1990.



Our furniture is prepared with due care. We develop and produce our upholstered furniture using digital technologies, which gives it very good quality, precision and repeatability.

In order to ensure that hardwood furniture such as wardrobes maintain the necessary quality and accuracy, we use machines such as CNC, veneering machine, HPL press and many others.

As a result, we are able to meet customer requirements for both retail orders and large-scale wholesale orders.

Our furniture is manufactured in Poland. This allows us to afford high quality workmanship, durability and unique design.

Firstly, we prepare drawings of the custom-made furniture or provide all the product information from our catalogue.

If the client requires it - we prepare a 3D drawing of the target rooms.

This is a very important stage of communication with the client, as the ordered wardrobes, tables, chests of drawers, etc. will be created on the basis of the findings.


Project & drawings


We communicate with the client in Polish, English, German or French.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to advise our partner on many levels of project finalisation.

Our priority is to meet all the customer's needs and to take over responsibilities such as transport or furniture assembly.

We believe that proper communication enables everything to be achieved, and potential misunderstandings to be avoided. For this reason, we attach great importance to the process of contacting customers.

We are also the exclusive representative of wissner-bosserhoff in Poland. We equip senior homes with the best quality specialized furniture. Check out our other website www.destinicare.pl

We offer furniture developed and produced in digital technologies by which they gain very good quality, precision and repeatability. Our offer is used by: offices, hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, retirement homes, dormitories, schools.

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Tel. : +48 61 656 14 15

DESTINI GROUP Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
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62-002 Suchy Las

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We are the Polish manufacturer of furniture. We have been with you since 1990

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Contact us and see the full exposition of our furniture at the premises of our company.

 Through constant development, experience and passion, we are able to offer our clients products of high quality and unique design.

We have been in furniture business since 1990.

We make an ambitious team which will provide you with complex solutions. Our approach to each and and every client  is different. We offer furniture designed and manufactured with digital technologies , therefore giving our brand high quality , precision and replicability


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DESTINI GROUP Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
ul. Obornicka 52,
62-002 Złotniki